Bulk Billing is no longer available

Until Medicare change the substantial administrative overhead bulk billing will no longer be available.

For people in financial distress all payments will still have to be made by credit card.  The service will cost around $2 per visit after the rebate.  See the fee page for further details.

Practice address: 7 Reid Street, Woolloongabba 4102

Phone: (07) 3411-5445

Fax: (07) 3112-5066

See your GP to receive mental health support from a psychologist up to 10 visits per year.  You will need to first ask your GP for a ‘mental health care plan’.  When making an appointment with the GP it is best to state that you need the ‘mental health care plan’ as the receptionist may need to schedule in more time for the GP.

The first plan is typically for six sessions.  At the end of these sessions your psychologist sends a report to the GP.  You may then visit your GP again and they may decide to grant another four sessions.  At the end of four sessions your psychologist sends a report to the GP.

Your GP may give you a copy of the health care plan which you will need to give to your psychologist.  Many GP’s will fax the health care plan to the psychologist directly.

The fax number for Gecko House is (07) 3112 5066.