Bulk billing:

Bulk billing is no longer available due to the recent changes to the administrative complexity to simple bulk billing.  Clients that have a concession card must now pay by a credit card immediately after the session.  The session fee is $95 and clients will be out of pocket approximately $2. 


Private health or self funded session fee:

A standard 50 minute psychology session cost $220.  If you have private health insurance you may receive a registered psychologist rebate from Medicare.   The $220 fee is applied to your credit card at the end of the session and an invoice is emailed to you.  You must seek any rebate directly with your insurer.  The current Medicare rebate is $93.00


NDIS fees:

A booking fee is not charged for an NDIS appointment.  The standard NDIS fee of $214.14 is charged.  Travel time is charged in 30 minute blocks at the standard NDIS fee.


Initial booking fee:

A $100 booking fee is charged for the first session.  This fee must be paid by a credit card.  This fee is not refundable but you can reschedule your appointment 48 hours before the appointment time.


Cancellation fee

If you cancel within 48 hours of the appointment time no fee is charged unless it it is your first session.  You may change your appointment time if done 48 hours without incurring a fee.  Within 48 hours of the appointment the full fee is charged.  This is because Medicare does not provide a rebate if you do not attend an appointment.