Relationship and marriage counselling in brisbane

Marriage and relationship counselling in Brisbane

by Dr Mark Sykes Ph: 0416157751

Couple seeking relationship counselling will  discuss poor communication, affairs, lack of respect, sexual problems and a loss of connection.


One or both partners don’t feel that they are understood.  Partners feel that the other partner is not making much of an effort to understand what is important to them.  I will actively with couples to renew or develop communication skills if this is a concerning issue.


Affairs can be a serious blow to any relationship.  Trust is lost, both partners feel shame, communication is often filled with anger and a huge divide may appear.  Both parties may recognise that they wish to resolve the matter rather than destroy the relationship but are unable to navigate through the minefield.  My role is to create a calmer space in which feelings and behaviours can be discussed in a manageable way.  Solutions can be explored in this space and future ground rules can be negotiated.

Lack of respect

By the time a couple arrives for counselling the relationship has often reached a deep low.  Respect for the other parter may have diminished.  Dealing with respect in the relationship is a key element of the counselling process.

Sexual problems

Sex is the factor that separates close friendship from partner relationships.  Sexual needs can be tied into feelings of self worth, attractiveness, rejection and shame.  Sex is usually the first thing to go when the relationship starts to struggle.  It is often tied to feelings of connectedness and communication but sexual problems may also be a causal factor in a relationship that needs addressing.

Lack of connection

It is why you selected your partner in the first place – that sense of connection.  Your partner felt right and understood you.   Perhaps you now feel you are heading in different directions.  Maybe you are different people.  Having children may shift the focus away from the primary relationship to being functional carers.  Children or life experiences may lead to a feeling that you are unsuited to the person you married many years ago.  For couples that are willing re-connection with your partner is possible.  For some couples counselling may be an opportunity to discuss the lack of connection in a safe and open way.

Relationship counselling

When a couple come for counselling it is usually after a crisis.  Perhaps a small one if the problem has been brewing for a while or a larger one that perhaps comes on suddenly.  Sometimes a partner will seek therapy as a way to confirm a decision to leave and sometimes it feels like a keenly wanted attempt to save a marriage for both parties.  With my specialised relationship counselling skills I feel I provide a solid opportunity to help a couple reach the place they would like to be.  A relationship can be such a huge investment in a lifetime and asking someone to help navigate you away from the minefield is a very wise decision. As a registered psychologist specialising in relationships I have some key skills that give you an advantage in working through your relationship difficulties.  Please contact Dr Mark Sykes on 0416157751 for an appointment in Brisbane.  The first appointment is 2 hours for a detailed assessment and each following appointment is one hour.  The fee is $160 per hour.