Terms and conditions

Payment terms

Payments are made to the supplied direct debit account one month in advance on the first day of each month. The monthly rates are calculated using the formula (RATE X 52) / 12.   On the 1/3/2017 the rate will increase to $365 per month.  This lease agreement equates to approximately $84 per day.  This means that you get a specific room for a regular day of the week (eg Monday).  Like a lease you pay for that day (eg Monday) until you no longer want to practice at Gecko House.  If you go on holidays then the regular monthly payment stays the same.

A fixed rate requires that payments are made each and every month (like a normal rental lease) but can be terminated with one months notice.

Plain English explanation: If you wish to finish during June then you must notify Mark Sykes during May.  You will be invoiced for the months of May and June.


Therapist access

Gecko House is open from Monday to Saturday from 7:00 am to 10:00 pm. Additional arrangements can be organised if required.

Blue Card

All therapists that treat minors must have a Blue Card or an exemption (i.e. psychologist).  If you require a Blue Card and it is no longer current you must inform Mark Sykes.

Professional indemnity insurance

All therapists are required to have current professional indemnity insurance.  The therapist is not permitted to practice at Gecko House without professional indemnity insurance.  If your insurance is no longer active it is the therapists responsibility to inform Mark Sykes.


Therapist are not permitted to share or sub-lease their room to a third party.

Contractual arrangements with third parties

Therapists may not have a contractual arrangement with a third party that lists Gecko House or the physical location (7 Reid Street, Woolloongabba or variants) as a practice / service location for that third party. The location and the registered trademark Gecko House must be directly associated with the therapist performing the therapy and not a third party.

Contact Mark Sykes on 0416 157751 for further details.